Best CRM Comparision, vs Pipedrive vs Zoho CRM

3 questions to business owners

How do you seamlessly align every team member, from Operations to Sales to Marketing, in connecting with customers to create a unified brand experience?

What strategies and tools do you employ to effortlessly close deals, streamline lead generation, manage follow-ups, and achieve targets with minimal hassle?

Are you harnessing the potential of integrated customer data and insights on a single platform to efficiently scale your company’s growth and drive success?

That’s where the CRM comes in. CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management, a platform that assists sales, marketing, and operations teams in centralizing customer data, streamlining business processes, and automating marketing efforts.

The benefits of using a CRM are improved customer relationships, streamlined sales processes, and increased revenue for businesses utilizing CRM software in their day-to-day operations.

According to a study by Salesforce, for every dollar spent on CRM software, companies receive $8 in returns and experience a 300% increase in sales.

In this article, we will explore some of the core features of a CRM’s and delve into a comparison between, Pipedrive, and Zoho CRM to help you determine the best choice for your business.

Let’s discuss the main features of a CRM:

  1. Pay-Per-Usage
  2. Integrated Marketing and Sales Application
  3. Access to All Features


The significance of Pay-Per-Usage in a CRM is immense. In this scenario, business owners only pay for what they use, avoiding hefty costs that could dent their business. This model allows businesses to pay solely for the services they utilize within a CRM.

This model particularly benefits small businesses and startups that are in a growth phase and looking to scale efficiently. It’s an optimal cost-cutting measure, offering flexibility by allowing startups to pay only for the services actively used. Checking whether a CRM offers Pay-Per-Usage is crucial when selecting a suitable CRM, as it stands as one of the most advantageous features.

THRIWIN.IO is a modern CRM utilized by top Fortune 500 companies like Godrej and ITC. It operates on a Pay-Per-Usage pricing model, ensuring that users pay only for what they utilize.

PIPEDRIVE, a top CRM software provider, offers excellent CRM software but lacks the Pay-Per-Usage model.

ZOHO CRM, a leading CRM company, is well-suited for 4-6 member companies and provides a pay-as-you-go service. However, it is slightly costlier than

In my honest opinion, for startups or B2B businesses, opting for a CRM that offers the specific feature of Pay-Per-Usage service is advisable. This not only saves money but allows businesses to allocate the saved funds towards their marketing campaigns. Pipedrive Zoho
Pay Per Usage Yes No Yes

Integrated Marketing and Sales Application

This is an essential feature of a CRM, facilitating the integration of Marketing and Sales Teams to yield remarkable results with faster outputs.

Integrating marketing and sales within a CRM is pivotal for businesses. The synergy between these two critical functions significantly enhances overall efficiency and effectiveness.

By consolidating customer data and interactions, this integration aligns strategies, streamlines processes, and improves lead generation, nurturing, and conversion.

The CRM serves as a unifying force, allowing teams to synchronize efforts, share insights, and orchestrate targeted campaigns, resulting in a more cohesive and impactful approach to customer engagement and retention.

Some Important features of :

  • Lead Management offers capabilities for calling, email marketing, and one-to-one reach, managing all sales tasks in one place.

  • Conversation Intelligence AI

Utilize AI-powered tools to make, record, and analyze calls. Identify best sales practices for training purposes and revenue improvement.

  • Deals and Pipelines

Create unlimited pipelines and expedite deal closures. Track deals at every stage with one of the most comprehensive pipeline coverage systems.

  • Insights dashboards aid in discovering behavior patterns and assessing what’s effective in your marketing strategies.

  • Unlimited Lists

Create unlimited lists and engage with them through personalized sequences.

  • Dynamic Content Forms

Customize the details of contacts, deals, and companies to facilitate easy analysis.

Pricing: Pay-Per-Use and free trial available.

Some Important features of Pipedrive :



Their standout and top-selling feature, this mobile app allows users to access stats on the go.

Access your sales data from any device, anywhere, at any time.

  • Recurring Revenue

Effortlessly keep track of all subscriptions and repeat customers.

  • Lead Generation Chatbot

Automatically engage with your website visitors 24/7.

  • Contact Management

Gain valuable insights about your contacts with just one click.


Pipedrive also Provide marketing and Sales Automation

Pricing: Starts at $14.90 per user per month.

Some important features of ZOHO CRM:

ZOHO CRM is an excellent CRM choice for B2B companies seeking detailed analytics and reporting functionalities. The platform is highly esteemed for its artificial intelligence (AI) and sales analytics tools, aiding in the evaluation of sales process success and strategies.


Lead Management is a fundamental feature in ZOHO CRM.


ZOHO CRM enables fully customizable reports across all modules with flexible options.


Integrate different apps and customize to your specific business requirements.


ZOHO CRM Marketing Automation is a comprehensive multichannel software solution designed to streamline marketing processes and generate sales-ready leads.


Zoho CRM offers email and live chat integration options.

Pricing: Starts at $14 per user per month.

Features Pipedrive Zoho
Lead Management Yes Yes Yes
Analytics Yes Yes Yes
Marketing Automation Seamless Intermediate Best
AI Yes No Yes
Deals and Pipelines Unlimited Limited Limited
Unlimited Activity Logs Yes No No
Email Integration Easy Easy Hard
Pricing Freemium $9.90/month $10/month
Learning Curve Easy Hard Steep

Access to All Features

Let’s reconsider the importance of having numerous crucial features in the CRM we choose, as their significance profoundly impacts our business operations.

It’s crucial to avoid a scattered feature set across different CRMs, as this could significantly affect the efficiency of our business processes.

Therefore, it’s wise to select a CRM that comes equipped with an array of readily available integrated apps and features.

Key features like contact management, pipeline tracking, reporting, analytics, and automation should be essential considerations when evaluating a CRM. provides entrepreneurs with access to all essential features without imposing a hefty cost. Even in their basic plan, they offer a wide range of features such as marketing automation, AI-powered tools, and centralized sales task management without requiring additional payments.

Pipedrive also offers several excellent features, including a mobile app and marketing automation, along with lead, deal, contact, calendar, and pipeline management. However, some features may be limited based on the payment plan chosen, restricting access to all functionalities in a basic plan.

Zoho CRM delivers a suite of rich features well-suited for smaller teams of 5-6 members. While they offer a free version, it’s limited to automation and optimizing the sales cycle, omitting other functionalities like custom reports and dashboards. Additionally, their AI feature is solely available in their highest-tier plan. Pipedrive ZOHO CRM
Access to All Features yes No, only on Premium No, only on Premium
Live support chat yes yes yes

Between, Pipedrive, and ZOHO CRM, is better suited for startups and B2B businesses that require a rich set of features like automation and AI analytics. For larger corporations, Pipedrive can serve as an excellent alternative to Meanwhile, for small teams, ZOHO CRM can be a great choice as they also offer AI analytics, albeit exclusively available on the paid plan.


Key points to remember here are to always consider three crucial factors before selecting the CRM for your business. The first is Pay per Usage, followed by Integration of marketing and sales within a CRM, and lastly, Access to all Features.

These elements are pivotal features that can either make or break your startup. Making a wise CRM selection is exceptionally vital in this competitive landscape, enabling accurate forecasts and the management of marketing, sales, and customers within a unified framework.

A few additional points to note:

Always inquire about installation fees in advance.

Consider future software updates to avoid lengthy waiting periods for updates.

Live Support availability from the CRM is also a significant consideration.

Customer experience is taking over

According to statistics, a survey of CRM users revealed that the most thrilling opportunity attributed to acquiring CRM technology is the ability to enhance the customer experience. Surprisingly, this ranked higher than content marketing, mobile access, personalization, and social CRM capabilities (Source: SuperOffice).

choosing can prove advantageous for your B2B business, particularly for startups looking to leverage excellent features like AI data. Additionally, through their pay-per-use pricing model, businesses can save at least 30%, eliminating unnecessary fixed subscription costs.

In my opinion, opting for can be highly beneficial. Thriwin CRM has the potential to positively impact a business’s sales performance, customer relationships, and overall growth.