Hanuman Movie Collection , beats Guntur Kaaram

**Hanuman: A Low-Budget Marvel Making Waves at the Box Office**

this post is all about Hanuman Movie Collection and its USA business

In the dynamic realm of cinema, where colossal budgets often dominate discussions, the success of “Hanuman” stands out as a remarkable achievement. Despite operating on a modest budget, the film has not only captivated audiences with its powerful storytelling but has also made a significant impact at the box office.

Box Office Summary

Movie Region Opening Day Gross Opening Day Shows
Hanuman North America $408,093 900
GunturKaaram North America $333,592 2000+
Hanuman Nizam â‚ą4.89 Crores Limited screens
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#Hanuman Nizam : Outstanding despite Non-cooperation of Exhibitors!

Nizam 1st Day Gross including Paid-premieres â‚ą4.89 Cr. Share â‚ą3.10 Cr Excluding GST.

Note : Very Limited screens on Friday. pic.twitter.com/1uEXybBQG0

— AndhraBoxOffice.Com (@AndhraBoxOffice) January 13, 2024

What’s even more shocking about these numbers is #GunturKaaram had 2000+ shows heading into today whereas #Hanuman only had 900+ shows. https://t.co/ED137w8cNI

— Venky Box Office (@Venky_BO) January 13, 2024

**The Box Office Triumph**

The latest North America Friday Box Office numbers reveal the film’s impressive performance. At 5 pm PST, “Hanuman” grossed a staggering $408,093 from 369 locations on its debut day, signaling a robust opening. In contrast, its competitor, “GunturKaaram,” managed $333,592 from 409 locations on the same day.

What sets “Hanuman” apart is its ability to achieve these numbers with fewer shows compared to its competition. While “GunturKaaram” boasted over 2000 shows on opening day, “Hanuman” secured its position with just 900 shows, emphasizing the film’s allure and the potency of quality storytelling.

Nizam’s Resounding Response

One key region where “Hanuman” has left an indelible mark is Nizam. Despite facing challenges from exhibitors, the film delivered an outstanding performance, grossing ₹4.89 Crores on its first day, with a share of ₹3.10 Crores (excluding GST). Notably, this achievement was realized with very limited screens on Friday, adding an extra layer of accomplishment to the film’s success.

Praise Amidst Challenges

“Hanuman” is not just about box office numbers. Despite facing non-cooperation from exhibitors, the film has garnered praise for its exceptional storytelling and compelling performances. Audiences have applauded the film’s ability to resonate emotionally, making it a must-watch despite challenges in terms of screen count.

A Triumph of Meaningful Cinema

The success of “Hanuman” is a testament to the power of meaningful cinema and the audience’s appetite for unique narratives. The film demonstrates that a well-crafted story, coupled with passionate performances, can create a significant impact, even in the face of stiff competition and limited resources.

Celebrating Independent Cinema

In an industry often dominated by large budgets and star-studded casts, “Hanuman” stands as a beacon of hope for filmmakers aiming to make their mark with impactful storytelling. The success of this low-budget gem not only celebrates the spirit of independent cinema but also reaffirms that quality content will always find its way to the hearts of audiences, irrespective of the challenges it may encounter along the way.