GPCL Electrical Foreman / Supervisor Syllabus 2021- Download PDF

Gujarat Power Corporation Limited has Announced Online examination, tentatively, will be held in the 1st/2nd week of August 2021. GPCL Syllabus has Released For the Electrical Foreman / Supervisor Online Exam. This Article is Helpful For Applied Candidates to pass the Exam. Topic Wise Syllabus Mentioned Below.

GPCL Electrical Foreman / Supervisor Syllabus 2021- Download PDF

General Knowledge / Current Affairs

  • History,
  • geography,
  • culture,
  • sports,
  • scientific research,
  • knowledge of current events,
  • general politics,
  • Indian constitution,
  • science – inventions & discoveries,
  • economy,
  • banking,
  • finance,
  • capitals,
  • current affairs.

Electric Circuit

  • Single Phase A.C Series Circuits,
  • Single Phase A.C Parallel Circuits,
  • Three Phase Circuits,
  • Network Reduction and Principles of Circuit Analysis,
  • Network Theorems

Magnetic Circuits

  • Concepts of flux,
  • mmf,
  • reluctance,
  • Different kinds of magnetic materials,
  • Magnetic calculations for conductors of different configurations e.g. straight, circular, solenoidal, etc.,
  • Electromagnetic induction,
  • self, and mutual induction.

Electrical Instrumentation

  • Fundamentals of Measurements,
  • Measurement of voltage and current,
  • Measurement of Electric Power,
  • Measurement of Electric Energy,
  • Circuit Parameter Measurement,
  • CRO and Other Meters

AC and DC machines

DC Generators:

  • Working Principle,
  • Type series,
  • Shunt, and Compound Generator.
  • EMF equation,
  • characteristics,
  • communication,
  • efficiency,
  • regulation, and application.

D.C. Motors:

  • Principle,
  • Types- Series,
  • Shunt & Compound Motors.
  • Characteristics curve,
  • commutation.
  • Applications of DC motors.
  • The necessity of starter,
  • Working of starters (3 points & 4 points).
  • Speed control of DC Shunt motor (armature & Field control).
  • Troubleshooting –Care and maintenance.

Induction Motor:

  • Construction,
  • parts,
  • working principle,
  • Concept of rotating magnetic field,
  • Applications.
  • Types of starters-DOL, Star delta, Autotransformer starter, etc.
  • Rotor resistance type starter.
  • Introduction to Speed control of 3 phase Induction motor.
  • Torque- speed characteristics. Losses, efficiency, Classification, Working Principle & uses.
  • AC Motor stator Rewinding.
  • Single-phase & Three-phase winding development diagram.

Synchronous Motor:

  • Construction,
  • Working Principle,
  • Starting Method.
  • Effect of change of excitation on load.
  • V-curve and Inverted V -curve.
  • Power factor correction.


  • Working Principle,
  • Construction.
  • Classification of Transformers,
  • EMF equation,
  • rating, Loading,
  • Losses & Efficiency Regulation,
  • Parallel Operation,
  • Cooling methods,
  • Transformer oil testing.
  • Care and maintenance,
  • Protective devices.
  • Tap Changer –ON load and OFF load.
  • Autotransformer,
  • Welding transformers,
  • Isolation transformer,

Instrument transformers:

  • current transformers and potential transformers,
  • Constant Voltage Transformer (CVT) and Constant Current Transformer (CCT).

Special electrical machines

Fractional Horse Power Motors:

  • Fractional horsepower (FHP) motor,
  • Hysteresis motor,
  • Permanent magnet motor,
  • Reluctance motor,
  • Switched reluctance motor.

Other Special Motors:

  • Stepper motor and its types,
  • Brushless DC motors,
  • Servomotors

Electrical power generation

Thermal Power Plants: Coal,

  • Gas/ Diesel and Nuclear-based,
  • Large and Micro-Hydro Power Plants,
  • Solar and Biomass-based Power Plants,
  • Wind Power Plants,
  • Economics of Power Generation and Interconnected Power System

Transmission and Distribution of Electric Power

  • Basics of Transmission and Distribution,
  • Transmission Line Parameters and Performance,
  • Extra High Voltage Transmission,
  • A.C Distribution System,
  • Components of Transmission and Distribution Line.

Electrical Substation

  • Single Line Diagram of Substations,
  • Poles& Towers,
  • bushings,
  • Insulators & its types,
  • Corona effect,
  • Bundle conductors,
  • Sag,
  • Skin effect and Ferranti effect.
  • Fault studies,
  • 3 phase servicecable fault,
  • Sub- Station HT/LT –Function,
  • equipment,
  • types of the distribution system.
  • lightning arrestor used in HT line,
  • Cable- different types of cables,
  • cable rating,
  • derating factor.

Switchgear and Protection

  • Basics of Protection,
  • Circuit Interruption Devices,

Protection of Alternator and Transformer:

  • Alternator Protection,
  • Transformer Protection,
  • Protection of Motors,
  • Bus-bar and Transmission Line Motor,
  • Protective relays- overcurrent,
  • IDMT,
  • overvoltage,
  • differential,
  • distance relay.
  • Types of circuit breakers and their applications.

Fundamentals of Power Electronics

  • Power Electronic Devices,
  • Thyristor Family Devices,
  • Turn-on and Turnoff Methods of Thyristors,
  • Phase Controlled Rectifiers,
  • Industrial Control Circuits.

Utilization of Electrical Energy

  • Illumination,
  • Electric heating,
  • Electric welding,
  • Electroplating,
  • Electric drives, and motors

Electrical Estimation and Contracting

Electrical Wiring and IE Rules:

  • Types of wires,
  • wiring system,
  • Specifications of Different types of wiring materials,
  • Accessories,
  • wiring tools,
  • wiring circuits,
  • Domestic and industrial panel wiring,
  • I.E. rules for wiring,
  • IE Act-2003,
  • Estimating,
  • Costing and Contracting: Electric Installation and Safety,
  • Estimation and Costing,
  • Non-Industrial Installations,
  • Industrial Installation.

Energy Conservation and Audit

  • Energy Conservation Basics,
  • Energy Conservation in Electrical Machines,
  • Energy conservation in Electrical Installation systems,
  • Energy conservation through Cogeneration and Tariff,
  • Energy Audit of Electrical System.

GPCL Electrical Foreman / Supervisor Syllabus 2021- Download PDF

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