Best coffee in surat

Exploring the Best Coffee Shops in Surat: A Coffee Lover’s Guide

Surat, the bustling diamond city of Gujarat, is not just renowned for its rich history and vibrant textile market but also for its growing coffee culture. As the love for coffee spreads, numerous cafes are popping up across the city, offering unique brews and cozy atmospheres. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, here’s a guide to the best coffee shops in Surat that will satisfy your caffeine cravings and provide the perfect spot to unwind.

1. Café Piano

Location: The Gateway Hotel, Athwalines

Café Piano, located in the luxurious Gateway Hotel, is a haven for coffee aficionados. Known for its elegant ambiance and premium coffee blends, this café offers a serene environment perfect for both business meetings and leisurely catch-ups. Their signature lattes and cold brews, paired with a selection of delectable pastries, make it a must-visit spot in Surat.

Café Piano

2. Coffee King

Location: Piplod

Coffee King stands out with its vibrant decor and youthful vibe. This cafĂ© is popular among students and young professionals who come here to relax, study, or work. The menu is extensive, featuring everything from classic cappuccinos to innovative coffee concoctions. Their iced coffees and frappes are particularly refreshing during Surat’s hot summer months.

Coffee King

3. BRU World Café

Location: Adajan

For those who appreciate a cozy, laid-back atmosphere, BRU World Café in Adajan is the place to be. Known for its warm interiors and friendly staff, this café offers a variety of coffee options, including their famous filter coffee and espresso-based drinks. The café also hosts regular events like open mic nights and book readings, making it a cultural hub for the community.

BRU World Café

4. Café Hideout

Location: Vesu

Café Hideout is a hidden gem in Vesu, providing a tranquil escape from the city’s hustle and bustle. The café’s rustic decor and comfortable seating make it a perfect spot for a quiet afternoon with a good book. Their expertly brewed coffees, from robust espressos to creamy macchiatos, are complemented by a menu of light bites and desserts.

Café Hideout

5. Mocha

Location: Dumas Road

Mocha, part of a popular chain, brings a bit of metropolitan flair to Surat. Located on Dumas Road, this café offers a chic and contemporary setting. Known for its rich, aromatic coffees and indulgent hot chocolates, Mocha also serves a variety of international dishes, making it a great spot for brunch or dinner. The outdoor seating area is particularly charming, perfect for enjoying your coffee al fresco.


6. The Coffee Culture

Location: Ghod Dod Road

The Coffee Culture, with its modern design and vibrant atmosphere, is a favorite among the youth of Surat. This cafĂ© offers a wide range of coffee blends and innovative drinks like the ‘Coffee Sangria.’ The quirky decor and comfortable seating make it a great spot for socializing or working. Their extensive food menu, featuring everything from burgers to pastas, is an added bonus.

The Coffee Culture

7. Kaffeinated

Location: Pal

Kaffeinated, located in the upscale area of Pal, is a chic coffee shop that focuses on quality and experience. The minimalist decor and cozy seating make it a great spot for both casual hangouts and serious coffee tasting. Their baristas are skilled and passionate about coffee, ensuring that every cup is brewed to perfection. Don’t miss their pour-over coffee and specialty drinks.


8. Brewberrys Café

Location: City Light

Brewberrys Café in City Light is known for its relaxed vibe and extensive menu. This café is perfect for spending a lazy afternoon or catching up with friends. Their selection of coffees, from strong espressos to sweet caramel macchiatos, is complemented by a variety of snacks and desserts. The friendly staff and comfortable seating make it a popular choice among locals.

Brewberrys Café


Surat’s coffee scene is as dynamic and diverse as the city itself. Whether you’re looking for a quiet spot to work, a cozy corner to read, or a lively place to catch up with friends, these coffee shops offer the perfect blend of ambiance, quality, and service. So, the next time you’re in Surat, be sure to explore these top coffee spots and indulge in the city’s burgeoning coffee culture.